"Local" Teleport?

Hello all!

I’d like to know if there’s a way to make the teleport function use the local Y axis instead of the global Y axis. At this point the set up below “flashes” the player forward in the global Y axis but I’d like to move him forward in the direction he’s facing, which is the local Y axis. Any way to set it to local?

Sort of new to blueprints and unreal so I might be missing something obvious. xD

i got a similar problem, with a door and “Set location” perhaps that help

Combining Forward Vector and location don’t seem to yield good results in my case. Also, the video is down so any additional info there isn’t available right now. :frowning:

i not use Forward Vector, check the blueprint,

i delete the video after fix the problem.

ah sry you say forward where his facing, i poorly understood when i read the first time. That not work for your problem.

Did you try the ‘Add Actor Local Offset’ function?