Local Splitscreen(4 players), need help with spawns + HUD

Hello UE4 Forum!. I’m trying to do a splitscreen game with 4 players, its going to be a car shooter game. I already have the pawns + a “minigun” mesh that spawn projectiles.

My question is: How I can set 4 spawns and 4 widgets, because only 1 player get a widget(That shows only the Health) and currenty i’m using 4 player spawns, but the car spawn one inside of another.

1ºOne is the map view( )
2ºOne is the map BPS( )
3ºOne is the pawn view( )
4ºOne is the pawn BP( )
as you can see, 2 screen are floating, and didnt spawn the car, i dont know why.

Thanks for the Attention!

**EDIT: I managed to fix the spawn, now i only need to fix the widget, because its not showing for all the 4 players, only for one

I’d be interested in knowing the answer to this too

Someone know how? because i’m already on my 5th day of thinking and cant find any solution for this error…

I asked this question before about setting HUD for every player. Basically you have to make different UMGs for the amout of players and place the panels for each depending on how many players. Like if you have 2 players, make a widget for 2 players and a separate for 3-4 and so on. May be different in 4.8 4.9 but haven’t tried that yet.

What’s the setup in the widget?

Your going to have to make it manually. There is no automagic way to do it as far as I know. So basically your just going to have to move stuff around untill your widget looks like each player has a separate hud, but its really just one overlaying the split screen mode.

What do you set in the HUD?

Use the Add to Player Screen node instead of add to viewport, this is the new way of doing it for splitscreen. The Owning Player set when creating the widget will have the HUD on their screen:

Awesome! That was clever, thanks!

Thanks very much! it worked! http://postimg.org/image/5y1zlfxi9/