Local slow motion effect in multiplayer games without dedicated server?


as the thread says: is it possible to create a slow motion effect in multiplayer games that don’t run on a dedicated server?

Here’s what I’d like to achieve: I want to create a slow motion effect that is only visible for each player locally when they got killed. Their character turns into a ragdoll and after 3 seconds they will be respawned by the server and the time dilation is set back to 1. So the effect is only cosmetic and not gameplay relevant as it should only be visible for the actual player.

I managed to create a slowmotion effect like this with the “global time dilation” node ( but there are a few issues. Here are some details:

  • Client Player 1 kills Client Player 2. Result: The effect is only affecting Client Player 2
  • Server Player kills Client Player. Result: The effect is only visible to Client Player
  • Client kills Server. Result: The effect is visible to all players

This (unfortunately) makes sense because when the server player gets killed, he sets the global time dilation for all players even if the event is only fired on the owning client. But is it possible to avoid this problem and create a cosmetic time dilation for the server that does not affect the clients?

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