Local Rotation by Axis with Respect to Slant

Short Version : I’m trying to rotate an object from rotation A to B and back around it’s Y axis, while respecting that the object is slightly slanted. The only way I’ve gotten it to work so far is using AddLocalRotation, which has issues of its own. Is there a way to calculate a target rotation with respect to an offset so I can use MoveComponentTo or SetRelativeRotation correctly?

More Info : I’m making a customize-able pinball game. The field is at a slight slant, allowing the ball to roll downhill realistically. Because of the slant, most of the Rotation nodes for the flippers doesn’t respect the slant when rotating. AddLocalRotation works, but doesn’t support Sweep yet, and causes issues with using the flippers when the speed is realistic.

Ideally, I could use MoveComponentTo or SetRelativeRotation, but I must be calculating the target rotation wrong. If someone could assist me with how you’d calculate the target rotation of an object around it’s local axis in blueprint, that would be much appreciated. I’m going to try another option in the meantime, attaching it to another object and tilting that object to see if RelativeRotation methods work that way, but knowing how to do this without needing to parent the object would be extremely useful.