Local Notifications on background.

I am trying to do local notifications when the game is on the background.
On the Event construct of the widget i am registering for remote notifications, then i am running an “ApplicationWillEnterBackgroundDelegate” bind, then running a Schedule notification from now event. This will work on its own and display the notification fine. However what i want to do is while the game is on the background to check if a value has changed and then display the notification.

It’s a LAN game, so when Client A, changes a value it updates the UI of Client B etc. As you can see in the second screenshot i am checking to see if a text value has been updated, and if it has run the notification. It doesn’t work. which lead me to believe timers wont work while the game is on the background. If anyone could point me to the right direction would be great.
There isn’t much documentation or support regarding this, and i’ve pretty much read everything i could find regarding UE4 and notifications.
Thanks in advance.