Local networking broken in 4.16

Just converted my project from 4.15 to 4.16 and am getting this error when doing a server travel

LogGameMode: Not traveling because of network error

No other messages, just that… anyone see this?


I’m just using the Console Command “ServerTravel” to move, doesn’t seem to be any way to debug this problem

@Visnarel I have the same problem. See With 4.16 BP OpenLevel fails when packaged (Windows) - UE4 AnswerHub on the hub.
Seems to be a real problem.
After creating session, open level fails. Project migrated from 4.15 to 4.16

Well at least if there are a few people having the issue they can get it looked at faster :slight_smile:

Hey !

Same problem here, i just spent 3 hours trying to understand something, before googling and landing here :slight_smile:

I’m using the steam onlineSub.
Servertravel works very well before in start a session. As soon as i start my steam session i get the “Not Traveling” message.

When i add this before calling ServerTravel:

AGameModeBase* ThisGMBase = GetWorld()->GetAuthGameMode();
if (!ThisGMBase->CanServerTravel(TargetMap, false))
	GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage(-1, 10.f, FColor::Red, TEXT("CAN'T TRAVEL"));

I get my “can’t travel” message, so CanServerTravel is failing somehow, but i couldn’t (yet ?) locate where the function fails, i get none of the LogGameMode messages from CanServerTravel, and i can’t find the “Not traveling” message in the GameModeBase class.

The steam onlineSub has been updated from v132 to v139 with 4.16, i though it might be related to that, are you guys using steam as well, or is the problem more general ?

I like the way UE4 evolves at the speed of light, but since a few versions, i find myself a bit scared by each new version because everytime i know it will take me a week or two of regressions corrections and bugs reports before i can get back to where i was :frowning:

Did anyone open a bug report ?



I filed a bug report, but then fixed my own bug… or at least I made it work for me, I don’t think it’s an actual fix, but in my case “autoconnect to server” was causing a localhost game to be created, then invalidated, then created as an IP game, and it would always fail. Turning that off the logs look identical, except that the session is created as a regular IP session and it never drops the connection. My setup is just a listen server.

Autoconnect didn’t work for me, i opened my own BR:

In case anyone bumps in here i’ll let you know how it goes.