Local multiplayer support implementation question

Hello there guys!

We are a student group working in our degree project and we chose this great technology. But we have found a huge problem.

It is impossible to control two characters with different gamepads locally, using a “Player Controller” for each one without split the screen.
“Event after login” is for when several customers want, and “Create Player” you and it divide the screen.

Our game is a fighting game, and this functionallity is essential for us.

We know in the ue4 roadmap trello, this feature is currently in “wishlist” state, but we write this thread in order to know how long it´ll take to be implemented (We hope son :p)

Thank you guys and keep up the good work!!! :wink:

I believe you need to disable splitscreen in the Project Settings. It’s under the “Maps & Modes” category.