Local multiplayer setup

So recently I’ve been working on making a fps game following youtube tutorial exactly the same.

link to the tutorial:

I’m done with the basic fps setup
(Character movement, ui, firing system, etc)

but I have a serious problem now.

The youtube tutorial shows you how to make ai and it’s basically a single player game.

What I am trying to do is to make a local multiplayer battle royale.

I just want 2 players, and I could add a player.

However if i play the game the screen splits into two, but ui interface I set up doesn’t show up for 2p.
So HP bar, shield bar and number of ammo left for 1P pops up on a one big screen. UI doesn’t spilt up in half.

What I realized is that I have to reassign every single variables (for hp, number of ammo let , …) for my new 2p and I just don’t know how to do it.

Sp my question is, is there any way to simply duplicate my 1p setting and make a new player?

There are so many bluprints and codes just for my 1p and I don’t have time to setup all of them the same to make new player.

Help watch this tutorial series.This works good :slight_smile: