Local Multiplayer Limit widget to player controller

I am at a point where I can let each player in a local multiplayer open a widget UMG.

The issue I am having is when “player 2” opens a widget and it is added to their screen (the bottom half), player 1 (top player) can select and focus on buttons and vice versa. How do I restrict a specific controller for focusing or selecting anything in another players screen?


You mean using a mouse??? Quick answer: Not sure you can AFAIK.
Disclaimer: Have only ever used Split-Screen with multiple Gamepads.
BTW: I never use the built-in UI focus system either as its a nightmare. :mad:

no im using gamepads for all and only mouse for player 1(actually player 0) but player 1 has gamepad as well.

how do i NOT use the built in focus system?

What have you tried already? Nodes like Set-Input-Mode-UI-Only and Set-User-Focus accept a Player-Controller. :wink: There’s also Set-Focus-To-Game-Viewport whatever that does, as there’s no useful docs on some of these BP nodes, or a list of assumptions / gotchas on using them.

Thanks for your help! i think I solved it using the “set user focus” on event construct like you mentioned and selecting "get owning player’ from player controller input. This seems to be working pretty solid right now. Thanks!

Originally I had set Set Keyboard focus on event construct and I think the only Keyboard focus is Player 0, so it was pulling the player 0 controller focus into the player 1 screen/viewport.