Local Multiplayer game Instance Lives

I am trying to setup a game with Local Multiplayer, where each player has a set number of lives (like smash brothers) for example. I know I need to use Game Instance for the data to persist when said player dies (i have that working) The problem is, when Player 1 dies, subtract lives from Player 1, Player 2 dies, subtract lives from Player 2 etc. Game instance variable subtracts each time someone dies which makes sense, but I want it per player character.

Maybe I am going about this wrong way and need to do blueprints related to multiplayer or maybe have 4 different character blueprints…

NOTE: I was able to do player damage and re-spawn with 1 character blueprint. So I assume there is a way to do this with 1 character.

Thank you for your help in advance,

I figured out a way to do what I was asking. If anyone else is curious on how to do this, I can tell you what I did. Although it may not be the correct method but it works.