Local debugger works, regular build does not

I’m having trouble breaking a struct. It all works when I run it via the local debugger, but not at all when I run it from the launcher.

I’m curious why it’d work in one build type and not the other.

I’m also getting this:

LogBlueprint:Error: [compiler MyDebugHUD] Error No Struct in  Break <unknown struct> LogBlueprint:Error: [compiler MyDebugHUD] Error Could not find a function named "FitProportional" in 'MyOutput'.
Make sure 'MyOutput' has been compiled for  Fit Proportional 
LogBlueprint:Error: [compiler MyDebugHUD] Error Failed to create property CallFunc_FitProportional_ReturnValue from  Return Value  due to a bad or unknown type (Structure)

I guess this is what’s wrong. This is odd, because FitProportional definitely exists:

Have you tried deleting the intermediate folder and all binaries produced, re-cook and rebuild?