Local-Currency Pricing on Marketplace

I would really appreciate a feature that let’s me decide what currency to display Marketplace pricing in. This would of course mean tapping into the current Exchange Rates from an external source so there might be slight inaccuracies, but due to the value differences between GBP and USD, things often appear to be way more expensive than they are, which deters me from buying them.

Is this something we could expect to see in the future?

Maybe an “Approx £23.23 / €31.76” little text under the price buttons or something? That way the inaccuracies don’t lead to problems :>

The current currency shown when I browse the marketplace is: “€”

This shouldn’t be hard to implement, there are many FREE API’s that can do this, EPIC can cache the exchange rates once a day.

+1 I havn’t brought anything recently because of the costs now attributed to having my local currency of GPB its almost as if the currency conversion is back to front as everything is now more expensive for me although the USD is work something like 0.8 at a high due to the economic instability however im being priced as if its 1.3 USD for 1GPB which is insane and I cant make the purchase through paypal in USD because you can no longer change region in your account

I see all assets with their prices in €.