Local coordinate system


I have taken many imgs of a castle with a UAV and from the ground.

I have also measured many GCPs (topo points) in a local system coordinate (exemple X:1000,Y:1000).

I have not found on the coordinate system list a “local system”, except a "local system wgs84 that dosen’t work.

When i import my points i have an error and 0 points are imported.

Thanks in advance for help.

Regards !


Hi Yoz
When importing GCPs, it is best to have them already placed in images, and then just import them with proper naming and it is done…

Hi Yoz

Set the EPSG code 31464 and get local euclidean system…

epsg 31464 give me DHDN / 3-degree Gauss zone 4 ???

Hi Yoz
exit RC, then press and hold SHIFT and run RC, it will ask you to reset the application settings, click OK and you will get Local-1:euclidean system…

Ok thanks Milos, i will try later, but i will lost my others application settings ?

Hi Yoz
Yes, you will lose all the settings, but it is easy to fix because mostly only ALIGNMENT and CACHE location settings are changed…