Local ambient lights

It would be nice to have some way of restricting ambient light to a local area. I tried the post-processing volume and ambient cubemap, but that affects the entire viewport. I know about the ‘bounded’ checkbox: it depends on the camera position, not the volume position with relation to geometry -> not what I’m after. I also know that Lightmass calculates bounce light, and does a beautiful job, but I use entirely dynamic indoors lighting.

Would it be possible to add a feature to point lights that would make them affect faces regardless of whether they point towards the light or away from it? Like maybe a checkbox “Ignore face angle” or something similar. So the end result would be a light that would illuminate a pixel solely based on its distance to the light, and it would ignore the normal.

I currently simulate indoors ambient light with shadowless point lights, but sometimes these point lights are difficult to position in a way that they would illuminate all sides of an object, and thus there’s usually one side that’s completely black, which I want to avoid in well lit rooms.


Second this. Maybe even add a curve profile to control the intensity based on the facing angle.

Or just improve dynamic lighting by supporting multiple IBL probes. Then build a simple system to store multiple lighting snapshots in the probes and blend between them (D/N cycle etc.)

Or just something, anything. :frowning: