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Lobbyist provides a flexible framework built on top of online beacons to manage lobbies without loading into a different level—straight from the main menu.


  • Improved player experience. Let players create and join lobbies without leaving the main menu, saving annoying blocking loads.
  • Easy to use. Lobbyist provides a simple yet powerful framework for you to build upon in both Blueprints and C++.
  • Supported and tested. The plugin is actively used in a game live on Steam and Xbox, and will receive all the needed lifetime updates.
  • Multi-platform support. Lobbyist works seamlessly with multiple online subsystems (such as Steam, Xbox Live, etc.) and supports local testing for fast iteration.
  • Blueprint & C++ example projects. The provided example projects implement a fully-featured lobby system including a server browser, player kicking, chat and more that you can use as a base for your own game.
  • Source code & docs. Lobbyist comes with full, heavily commented source code and extensive documentation to help you get started quickly.


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