Lobby steam connect to a another session

Hello everyone i need you help.

I am in the process of developing a game. The client server of which is inspired by that of monster hunter which is hosted in p2p on steam. I understood the concept of the lobby and etc however where I do not know, if the player who created his lobby joins the game of another player (like a join party) without disconnecting the other players present in his session?

I am not sure what you mean but if you use the “listen server” system then the one creating the session runs the server. If the player hosting the session destroys the session then the connected players gets thrown out, usually they return to the main menu or the starting level, depending on how you have this set up.

He doesn’t destroy any sessions is just joined a another party (quest, pvp).
On Monster Hunter World you can created session or joined a session to others players.

The player 1 create sessions, others players joined this session.
The player 1 want to joined a quest to another player on another session, how to player 1 joined the party without disconnecting the other players present in his session?


Aha, well I would just use the same function to join as the first player used. As long as you don’t exceed the max number of connected players of the session settings then I see no problem.

You doesn’t not understand… If you have time please look this game mo’ster hunter world

Unreal Engine doesn’t support host migration.

I’m a little confused though as you are combining both lobby and session in your question because they are not the same thing