Hi Guys,

Currently createing a multiplayer steam game with the use of Advanced session plugin. most of it is working but im trying to decide on how to manage parties of players

so, i dont really have an XMPP to work with the beacon stuff, and tbh i think beacons and party beacons are too complicated atm so I have the following and would appreciate some thoughts.

Here is what i have atm

  1. Every player when they go to the multiplayer menu is host - done
  2. You can invite your “steam” friends and the destroy their host and join your session - done
  3. on joining a friends session, im assuming you are a party so i have a struct that contains the following
  • party name
  • host Unique Net Id - session host
  • array of party members (not host) Unique Net Id’s (clients)
    with this i create a new struct - and store it in an array on the Game Instance Class replicated - done
  1. From here the host can “find a game” which will take them to the next lobby. Here In the next lobby, i will have 1 host, multiple clients as expected
    but i need to maintain the party array from the game instance class (persistant) so your party you created is still maintained

so i figured on client connect - check if the game instance holds any party information and send it to the new host (and as host receive and manage any incoming parties)

However, im not sure if that party information will be persistant when changing hosts? does anyone have any knowledge on this, or suggestions on
how to tackle this differently/better?

Kind regards

anyone any ideas?

Did you ever figure out how to handle this? I’m interested in it as well.

If you need persistency in-game, you can store your variables in gameinstance. But I really wonder how to implement this too…

Well you usually do this in C++ with Sessions.
There is actually a Party and Game Session for Steam. Party holds the actual friends party and persists while Game is only for the game.

People talked a bit about it here:

And I think Moss has some wiki entry about it, but it’s def nothing easy for Blueprint Only devs.

Thank you so much for the link you sent. If it’s not too much to ask can you guide us a little more please ? C++ is fine, I just need to know how to implement this lobby/party system with Steam.