Lobby Background and Promotional Image Failed on Publishing

Hi, I made an upload to my map and it was published and accepted yesterday. But I’ve notice that I forgot to write something on the description (“Last Update” Part). So I republished with the description changed and now it says that my lobby background is not respecting Epic’s rules? I didn’t change any image so if was approved earlier why is this happening now?
I’m pretty sure that I am following all the rules in my thumbnails, but maybe you can tell me why it keeps getting rejected.
This are the images I used.

Thanks in Advance

- Square Thumbnail

Landscape Thumbnail

Lobby Background

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I forgot to ask, but while I was searching for a solution for this I’ve noticed tha many people who wrote the title on the Thumbnail got this strike.
Do you guys think it could be from the name “Black vs Yellow”?
Maybe because it contains the word “Black”…?
Dumb question but who knows…

I cant tell exactly whats wrong with your thumbnail but you are NOT allowed to have any kind of text in the lobby background


Hey @Perez-PSLusa

Your map images look really cool, but I just read in the documentation: Island Moderation Tips and FAQs | Fortnite Creative Documentation | Epic Developer Community (epicgames.com) that “if your thumbnail doesn’t show real gameplay from your island, it will not pass moderation.”

It is strange that it passed the first time and not the second.

Here’s a few places you’ll want to check before resubmitting (maybe more than a few): Island Moderation Tips and FAQs | Fortnite Creative Documentation | Epic Developer Community (epicgames.com)
The Fortnite Island Creator Rules
Epic Games Content Guidelines | What Can You Share or Transmit - Epic Games - Epic Games
Lobby Background Image Guidelines | Fortnite Creative Documentation | Epic Developer Community (epicgames.com)
Island Moderation Tips and FAQs | Fortnite Creative Documentation | Epic Developer Community (epicgames.com)

Hope this helps and wishing you success!:+1:


Hi Perez,

+1 to what Mindblo said - You cannot have text in your lobby background image. (This link also posted by Atep above)



Thanks for all your replies.
@Mineblo @Astrotronic
I didn’t know that.
I tried to publish both images without the text, and the Lobby Background was aproved.
But the Thumbnail is still being striked.

@Atep23 I have all those vehicles on my map, and all the weapons/misc on it.
And this image is not actual gameplay but represents exactly what you can do on my map.
I’ve seen a lot of thumnails that is not actual gameplay but represent what the game is about, so I tried to do the same.
I think this Epic’s thumbnail restrictions are too restricted, and confusing.
But I’ll try to create another one.
Thanks again for all your replies.

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Try to remove the people with the arrows maybe its because they have guns which might not be allowed in a 3+ age rating

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My map is rated Age 12.
And I’ve seen A LOT of thumbnails with guns, I know that you can’t have a gun pointed at the person who sees it but, no guns at all? This is really confusing…
But I’ll try.
Thanks again.

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