loadout weapon system

Hello iam kinda new to UE i came from Unity but iam crappy coder and well i made a few small android games i have some experience but when i founded UE i instantly switched and well i kinda like blueprints but i cant find a tutorial on how to make a loudout system like in any shooter games.
IN unity i made an Array with scriptable objects and then made each have its own reaload speed , fire rate etc .
So how can i make a menu which lets me set weapons and then enter level whit those selected weapons well lets take payday or rainbow six or any other FPS you get in menu wich you selected primary and secondery from lists and then press play and you spaw in level whit those weapons

To obtain the same thing than unity (one object named “Weapon” for instance and lots of variations of that weapon that you can equip).

You create a new blueprint actor named “BP_Weapon”, in there you put all the metrics / functions you want your weapon to be doing.

Then you create a child blueprint class of that weapon, you can call this “BP_Gun” for instance and you can set up its metrics.

Then in your Character (or wherever), you can have an array of BP_Weapon class to spawn at the beginning of the game.