Loading value from Game Instance


So I got some great feedback the other day about something I’m working on, I have a bunch of that working but today I was trying to extend this a bit and I’m trying to load some transformation info I’ve successfully stored in my Game Instance Class.
I’ve tried so many things and I’m going crazy by not being able to figure out why this isn’t working.

This is a screenshot from the construct layer of my character blueprint where I’m trying to load the transform values I’ve stored in my Game Instance. - In the top left there are a print out from the class where I fetch the value from (green), the game instance (pink) and the failed character construct (orange) which is just set to 0,0,0…

Anyone have any ideas what I should do to actually be able to grab this value correctly?


The attachment is invalid, but the process is simple, use “Get Game Instance”, drag it and cast it to your custom game instance class, and from that you can access any variables that you want. If you still can’t fix it, reupload the image so we can help you further :slight_smile:

Ah sorry about that!
Thanks for the reply, that is what I think I’ve done but I’m doing something wrong. Hopefully this attachment works!