Loading up Static Meshes takes forever

Hey all.

A question here about loading up (after dragging) static meshes.
It takes like ~2 minutes to load up every new static mesh in my project/scene even tho my system is well above the recommended specs. My old system didn’t have this problem as much which was not above those recommended specs.

CPU: i5 4460 3,2 GHz
GPU: GeForce 1060 Gaming X

Anyone that is able to help me improve the loading time?

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean importing a mesh into your project or do you mean placing an object into your level from the content browser?

^^pretty sure he means once the meshes are already in UE4

How many polygons? What are the shadow settings? If you’re using meshes with over ~150,000 polygons things might start to slow down depending on the complexity of the lighting, shadows. How many actors in the scene? If you have a whole bunch of 150,000+ meshes in a small area things are going to get slow. The normals need to be good as well and materials can put a heavy strain if they are poorly optimized. Consider instancing for materials on meshes that don’t move. Complexity can quickly compound and slow things down with resource heavy assets and multiple material calls in close vicinity.

Yes sorry I indeed meant when placing from the content browser.
@MikeRPG, it actually happens with the simple chair (that is there by default) in a completely empty level. I also tested placing different small things in a empty room and id didn’t become faster or something.

Can you post some pictures of your scene, what’s in the world outliner, the biggest assets, computer specs and try running the level and report back any errors. It’s probably a simple issue, I’ve had weird problems before as well that were fixed easily. Make sure your drivers are updated and that there are no asset memory conflicts; overwriting, deleting and importing assets can cause issues as well.

I’ve just made a basic empty new scene with starter content (where the 2 chairs are in the beginning), added a rock from the starter content and somehow it worked flawlessly.
Now I loaded the ‘Open World Demo Collection’ to it and it also went without any problems.

I’m getting confused here as I didn’t change anything at all for it to suddenly be loading faster…
I’m going to keep an eye on it and if it happens again I’ll post the details here. Very strange!

Lol, welcome to programming my friend. It’s a fun and magical world of unexpected things. It’s so awesome when things run unexpectedly well, not as awsome when it’s the opposite.

I’ve been level designing for a decade now and have seen some weird things happen before which magically solved itself (some came back). Every time I’m amazed that things autosolve so often before I even find out what causes it. I totally agree! :slight_smile:

I am also having this issue, and i’m searching for an answer. I am guess its about making the engine not rending or bake something upon dragging it into your scene. But i have failed to find a setting for this yet, it takes aprox 1-2 minutes to drag a simple asset into my scene, and i have a SSD, DD4 ram and a 4GB GPU…