Loading Unreal project .sln doesn't load project in solution

Hey guys, has anyone experienced this? Whenever I generate solution files for my project, and open the .sln, the project (with all my custom game code) doesn’t exist within the solution, barring me from doing any of my work. I figured a re-clone and re-build would do the trick, but alas has yielded no fruit.

Does anyone perhaps have some insight on this? I would love to get back in the game soon!



Hi b1nary,

That sounds a bit unusual. Would you be able to post a screenshot of what your Solution Explorer window looks like when you open the .sln file?

Hi Tim, thanks for the response! It seems that if I generate the project files before adding a class via the editor, it doesn’t generate the actual VS project for the UProject. However if I do that, it loads the solution properly. Is this intended?

Hi b1nary,

I assume you are talking about creating a Blueprint project and trying to generate a solution from the .uproject (or going to File -> Open Visual Studio in the Editor)? If so, then yes, this result is normal. When you first create a Blueprint project, there is no Source folder created for that project. The Source folder (and its code files) is required to successfully generate a VS solution for the project. Once you add code to the Blueprint project, that Source folder gets created and a VS solution will then be available.

I’m doing it from a blank project, which I suppose is the same thing since it’s neither a nor b. Thanks Tim!