Loading Time of the Devkit with a SSD

Hey Guys,
I have paused the work of my map for a few months because of all the problems with the devkit (especially the loading times)
Now I have tried to work again in the devkit, but it needs 30min (up to a hour after an update) to get started and then I need to wait another 30min till the map got loaded…
I want buy a second SSD only for the ADK, but I don´t know, if it really brings a big boost^^

My question for all owners of a SSD:
How fast is the devkit loading for the first time after an update and without an update?


My initial guess, is, if you have it currently on an SSD, you will gain 0 from another one.
If its taking you 30-60 min to load, i will venture out and guess your bottle neck is some other place, and, not on the speed of your I/O for the drive itself.

What are the specs of your current setup? RAM, CPU, Video is all that is going to matter … and desktop or laptop?

The ADK is running for now on a HDD^^
My first SSD is only for system components, my second SSD is only for my own ue4-projects (and there is no space to test the ADK).
The problem of the ADK is, it needs about 170gb on my HDD, so I need a 250gb ssd minimum and they are not really cheap…

CPU: i7-5820K
GPU: GTX980ti
RAM: 64gb DDR4-2400

What is your loading time with HDD?

My load times are just a few min on ADK, at least, they were. I can re-install it and find out
Even my own company projects that range from 15-30GB only take a few moments to load. Tho, my programmers, when asked to open them, take about 5 min to fully load.
Your system, im guessing, looks like it shouldnt take more then 10 min on the initial load, maybe not even that long. The 980Ti should hit shaders pretty quick.

My system:
64GM PC3200
AMD 1800XT
HDD = 15k drive (OS only on SSD because i use my computer for more than ADK lol)

My own company projects start in a few moments too^^
I have tested my HDD now and I think it´s a little bit broken … it needs 10 times longer than it should to write/read…

HD can definitely negatively affect loading times.

You can open up the Performance Tab of task manager and see if your drive utilization is pegged at 100% during loading.
For fastest performance, the OS, UE Engine, and Project should all be on SSD.

On the plus side your gpu and ram should be more than sufficent.
(Incidentally, shaders are compiled by CPU not GPU.)
The more cpu cores, the faster the loading will be.

Ah i see, they are compiled from the CPU and loaded in from there to the GPU - thanks. I was unaware of the “step 1” i thought it was all done by the GPU for the shader compile…

Been searching for what I did to fix this weird thing, but hopefully someone who knows this stuff will know what Im talking about.

But basically i saw a link that mentioned “If you are only doing Mods, not maps, open <this blueprint> and remove the array of stuff”

From what i remember I did was click a trashcan icon with a list of items, Looked like they were extra BPs unrelated to mods but more of what loads when you load the actual ARK game.

Literally after the restart after doing this test, I went from about a 20 min load on play to LITERALLY practically instant loading on play, (current viewport), that fix really helped speeding up the process of what Im doing by a long shot.

Hope this helps and can be something that helps a lot of others as well.