Loading Text from an external file into a widget

I’m currently working on a simple UI and wanted to ask if there’s a way to load text from an external file like an .ini or .xml into it to be displayed for the player who opens the UI.
Pretty much the same as the Ark Mainmenu, in the top right corner where some sort of news are gettin displayed which seem to come from an external file (an ini te be precise). However I wasnt able to replicate something like this and would really appreciate your help

I would also like to know how that goes.

push push

figured out how to load txt from the gus.ini. however it works only in singleplayer since the mod trys to load the text from the clients gus.ini. dont know atm how to force the widget to load the text from the server gus :frowning:

It’s only working in singleplayer because of replication.
Have a look at this video, the item part might not be interesting but it shows how to read a text from ini and use it in a widget(it’s unedited, there is a long part at the end where i try to figure out why it’s not working. i simply forgot that the editor needs a restart to read changes in the gus.ini!):

Source files are also available here: