Loading Screen widget is not scaled properly


I have following problem:
loading screen is using widget to draw animation while level is loaded.
Set like this:
FLoadingScreenAttributes LoadingScreen;
LoadingScreen.WidgetLoadingScreen = LoadingScreenWidgetInst->TakeWidget();

But it looks like it is not scaled properly (depending on screen resolution, it would be smaller than it should be or bigger than it should be)
When level is loaded, if I add it to viewport, then it renders properly. So it happens only while loading level.

It seems like for some reason, engine is not setting proper resolution scaling for this widget, while loading the level.

UE ver 4.14.1

Can anyone suggest what would be the cause of this?

Thank you!

Sounds familiar… I swear I experienced the same thing and put it down to the loading screen being created at a 1280x720 resolution even when the game was set to use something else.
The solution I came up with was to wrap it in a scale box and manually set the info.
Pretty sure I just read the proper resolution from the config file, but I am unable to run the editor this moment in time to check.
Please bear with me.

Thank you!
That worked!

Two years past and issue seems to exist (4.22).

My C++ workaraound was to change FDefaultGameMoviePlayer::GetViewportDPIScale() function to something like MainWindow.Pin()->GetClientSizeInScreen().Y / 1080.0f (assuming the widget default size is 1080p).