Loading Screen in UMG

I’m attempting to make a simple loading screen in UMG. My blueprint is below:

I’ve tested it by removing the 2nd “remove from viewport” for the loading screen wdiget and it shows up once the level is loaded. But for some reason the loading screen does not pop up before the level load (or at least doesn’t visually appear to do so).

I was also wondering if it was possible to determine % completion on level load so that I could add a progress bar to the loading screen widget.


I think it is not possible to update you UMG widgets during loading of a new level since loading blocks the Main Thread.

There is a Loading Screen mechanism available in UE 4.4 that runs a separate rendering thread for things like this. However it can only display Slate Widgets.

Some more info here: How do I make a Loading Screen? - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums


Has this issue been addressed in newer versions?