Loading Screen and Changing Levels

Hi everyone I’m trying to change between levels. So far by following this tutorial (kitatus.co.uk) and this video, which is exactly the same as the first one but it video form, (Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial : Loading Screen / Level Transfer - YouTube) I was able to make a loading screen and a portal to another level, however, if you look at the image below it will show you which level the portal will take you to, you write this in yourself. What I want to do is make it to where the player can teleport to any level depending on which portal the player goes through.

For example, if the player goes through Portal 1 it will take you to Level 2, and if you go through Portal 0 it’ll take you back to Level 1.

This is possible but you would have to make individual portals and sacrifice the loading screen; making the Hud Blueprint useless.

I would like to keep the loading screen, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.