Loading Save Game Level from Menu Level

Hello, guys. Do you mind if I’ll ask a possibly dumb question? (newbie here)

How can I make a proper load of a save game in blueprint from one level (save game level) to another (main menu map)? I’ve made a simple save/load system, and it works fine within one level (test map). But I want to be able to load saved game from another level (menu map). How can I do so?

Some pictures >>

Save/Load from pause menu HUD (test map, works in it)

Save file:

Load game BP in first person controller (works fine in one level)

How can I load save game from another map with loading save game’s map? I mean, i’m on Main Menu level and click “Load last save” button and want to load Test Level with last saved stuff.

(Sorry if my English messy, hope you’ve got my point)