Loading Progress Bar?


I’m looking to make a progress bar when in game for my character. Keep in mind this is not a real loading bar. I just want it to go from nothing to filling up over a time interval. Exactly like the image attached. How can i achieve this?



bind the value of the progress bar to a variable then use a timeline to set the value.

Thanks! Wouldn’t i need a delay though in between?

Set variable → delay —> set another variable

do you want it to fill smoothly or in increments? a timeline can do both depending on the curve you set. or if you want you could make it without a timeline and just use set and delay nodes. up to you really.

I would like to set it up randomly with variables but for some reason, i can’t set a delay in the sequence.

I see what i did wrong. I was using the “Get Percent” graph instead of actually calling the progress bar from “Set Percent”. Works perfectly!! Thank you very much!!!