Loading problem with "Kite Demo" after updating

hi. when i downloaded the kite demo, my UE was 4.7, now i updated to 4.10. but when i wanted to use it, it asked me to update it and it was about 160 mb, now i added it to my project, but when i wanna load overview map , it takes really long time. i stuck in 55% for 20 minutes. what is going on? in 4.7 i loaded it at last in 10 minutes. and that time my RAM was 8gb, now it’s 16gb. i tasted it in 4.10 and 4.9 and results were a same. any solution?

Hi Khokialism,

More than likely this is because it’s having to write the DDC (Derived Data Cache) on load, which for a project like Kite Demo can take upwards of an hour or more depending on the system specs.

I think there were some issues previously that wouldn’t recognize the DDC when upgrading, and for larger projects that can be pain to wait like that. However, I think this was fixed in 4.10 so it wouldn’t happen to anything after. But I’m not 100% on that.

If you’ve got the bandwidth It may be quicker to re-download the Kite Demo’s 4.10 version and go from there.


thanks for your reply. so if this is the problem, i can say no, i can’t download it. it seems i must try the hard way and wait for an hour to finish this loading. and i recognized that it’s not stuck on 55%, it went to 60% too, but it’s really slow.