Loading one of my maps in 4.14 crashes editor and crashes the display driver

Loading one of my maps in 4.14 crashes editor and crashes the display driver. What happened? Did 4.14 somehow corrupt my map? Seems like sometimes it opens sometimes it doesnt… not really sure…

forward rendering version of the map opens fine… but deferred rendering version of project crashes everything(sometimes)… wtf? Nothing special going on here… this was a direct convert from 4.13 as a copy…

UPDATE: Sometimes it happens while im working on the map… what is happening.??? is 4.14 this unstable? Hardware issue? Shouldnt be since i have no problems anywhere else…



Also current driver version is 375.86 with a gtx 590 card. What version should i use for 4.14?

In addition i think the crash may happen when a reflection capture is duplicated(alt dragged), just moved, or even updated… sometimes its reflection captures… sometimes its lights… 4.14 has officially made my project unworkable… I have crashed 12 times in the last hour…

I made a seperate post to make the problem more easily searchable if in fact its a seperate problem or the initial root cause of all crashes of the display driver…

Hi Kurylo3d,

Your driver (375.86) isn’t recommended at this time due to the following known issues:

  • Adds flickering and stuttering to a lot of games
  • Down-clocks memory speed on all newer cards

Here is a list of recommended drivers due to their respective cards:

Recommended Nvidia Geforce Drivers: (64-bit)
Geforce 9,10, and Titan Series Drivers: 375.70 Released 10/28/2016

Recommended Nvidia Quadro Drivers: (64 bit)
Quadro M Series Drivers: R375 U1 (375.63) Released 10/24/2016
Quadro P Series Drivers: R375 U1 (375.63) Released 10/24/2016

We don’t have any reports of crashing though so I’m going to investigate this issue a bit further. For your case I would revert your drivers back to a previous version.

Let me know if that solves you issue,


Then I would suggest revert back to the previous version listed for the Geforce cards (375.70). The cards listed under Geforce are common examples and your 500 series card still would fall under this category for drivers.

Basically get the second to last driver on the list for your card.

I tried with 375.70… moving a reflection capture or updating … or duplicating… still crash the editor and display driver… in this map.

Update: I will say it seems to be crashing less… randomly… liek its not a gauranteed crash… but that also could be because i deleted the HLODs… so no gaurantee that was the driver downgrade or not… But still randomly get the crashes some of the time when updating any reflection capture … through movement or whatever…

For example, before it would crash instantly when moving the reflection capture… now … sometimes its instantly… sometimes its if i drag it for 10 seconds…

This may be a hardware issue that we aren’t aware of. Are you able to switch cards or test on a different machine to see if it crashes?

I plan to test on our end to repro the issue. Can you narrow down the number of element in your test so that we have a reliable test case?

This is going to be hard to test for given that I don’t know what your level contains. Ideally try to find a way to reproduce this issue in a blank scene/project. At this point there are a lot of things that could influence the outcome in your project.

i personally beleive the problem stems from some sort of performance issue. Just a gut feeling. The maps lighting is not built at all after converting from 4.13 to 4.14… so needs to be rebuilt. It runs at like 5 fps right now at certain angles until a build is done.

I have 2 other comps to test on… a gtx 980 and a gtx 980M… I can test it on those as well. Though i get the occasional crash on them(didnt try with this issue)… got a crash on them building a map together last night… got to 100% but apparently crashed … might be a fluke… so we will see when i get home… its building again (though a different group of maps)

Any other info… its using regular deferred renderer … not forward… not quite sure what else to add… this is a screenshot of the map… not the craziest in size… lots of lights… unbuilt…

By the way its not technically crashing of the display drivers… it says “they have stopped responding but have recovered” then the editor crashes… When it happens the screen flickers to a black screen then back on…

Ok. So i tried it on my laptop with the gtx980m… There are no issues. Seems to work fine. So apparently it doesnt like the gtx590.

Hi Kurylo3d,

I removed some of the clutter so other staff can read this post easier. So far what we know is:

  • This issue occurs on you gtx 590 card but not on other machines
  • You have tested the previous driver for your 590 card and still have crashing
  • It seems like moving or interacting with a sphere reflection capture crashes and having HLODs in the map increases rate of crashing

Please let me know if I got something wrong or am missing information.

I have contacted Engine QA and we are investigating this issue since it seems to be related to your gtx 590 card.

Thank you for your information and cooperation.

Correct. And also the lighting was not built yet for any lights since it was the first time upgrading to unreal engine 4.14

So, it turns out that your crash is similar to our top occurring crashes.

Could you use the -d3ddebug parameter when starting the launcher? To add this parameter follow these steps:

  • Create a shortcut to your UE4Editor.exe file located in (your drive) > Launcher Binary > Epic Games > 4.13 > Engine > Binaries > Win64 > UE4Edior (see screenshot)

  • Right click on your desktop or start
    menu shortcut and select
  • Add -d3ddebug to the end of the Target path.
  • It should look like this:

  • Hit OK

Once you do that, run the launcher again using the shortcut you modified and get the editor to crash again. Please post the log and that will help us get to the bottom of this issue.



Just following up here, a user with a similar situation has solved his crash by updating windows 10. Check this post. 4.14 editor crashes - when using more than two landscape layers - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

Will be difficult for me to test since my latest version was built on a 980 gtx… so i dont know what the 590 computer will do now that performance should be a bit better thx to a build.

That being said the 590 computer is on windows 7 not on windows 10…

Alright, then I believe it is very important to run the engine with the -d3ddebug command so when the crash occurs we can get more information on what is going on.

You can follow the post above for instructions on how to do this.

Once you have submitted the crash with the debug tools enabled please comment here so we can continue this investigation.