Loading OBJ sequences from disk


I’m looking for a best practice approach to loading a sequence of OBJ objects into UE4 for rendering. This is more like architectural rendering than game development.

I have two sequences of OBJs already created that fit together, each 300 frames long. For each render frame, I want to automatically load an OBJ from each sequence, apply import settings (eg: import option transforms), apply materials, add them to a Sequencer, and render. (The materials, Sequencer, and animated CineCameraActor already exist in a Level Map.)

Do I need to load all OBJs into the project at once? Can I load the OBJs from disk one at a time? (Realtime performance is not a hard requirement.) Would an Empty Actor object help?

I’m considering Blueprints, working with CSV tables, Datasmith, &c. Looking for pointers to narrow my search.

TIA for workflow suggestions!

Were you able to find a solution for this? I have a similar challenge.

Bump for an answer. Also curious about this.