Loading multiple mods?

Both as a player / consumer and as a possible content creator i’d like to know if it currently is possible to load multiple mods on a server or if there are any plans for allowing that?

This would allow for smaller mods with a specific focus, kinda like how modding is done in Minecraft rather than a huge mod that has to do everything.

Hi thmsn, its planed for the next patch 185. How the mod(without map) intregation exacly works, they don’t said.

Check this:

PS: I dont find the post where a Dev wrote more about it. Maybe you find it in the forums.

From my understanding of what I have been told by one of the Dev’s I am in communication with, is that this will be possible. As said, pretty sure that is being implemented in v185 :smiley:

That sounds wonderfull, I would hate if there was multiple mods I thought was really nice, but would only be able to play with one of them at a time.

Yeah it would be a sad thing heh. The Dev’s know at this point what we are looking for in terms of modding capabilities, and they are doing their damnedest to make it happen from what I can tell. They are great listeners to their customer base, and as a result of that, they are AMAZING business men & women, and will see far more success than Game Designers who turn a blind eye to their customers desires.