Loading maps with high polygonal models in VR

My advice will be not very helpful to you I am afraid. 7 million triangles is way too much for VR even with forward rendering enabled. Stereoscopic rendering is heavy! I can’t remember exactly from the top of my head, but the UE4 best practices for VR documentation says 1 million triangles in the view frustum at one time.

Is it actually one mesh? If yes, try and break it up because then those parts which are out of the frustum would be culled out.

Hi There,

I have been having big issues with loading maps that contains high polygonal models in Virtual Reality. I am trying to produce a loading page where it will show the screen with a progress bar then after loading it will directly load high polygon helicopter model - One model is around 7 million triangles and that also includes realistic materials.

When I load the map from the start menu on VR mode it freezes for 1 minute and 10 seconds. After this time it loads my helicopter map. Is there any way to create a blue print script where I can use it for the loading screen and trim the loading time for the final map? - and if so would this solve the freezing loading page problem?

Please I need some help here and I cannot find any solution for this problem. I heard about level streaming but I dont know how this would work with my loading issue.

Thank you advance

Hello BreakMaker,

I have been working with vehicles that are 6-7 million triangles with even forward rendering ON and they work fine - I have been testing on 2 PCs with GTX 1070, i7 7700, 16gb DDR4 (it worked on average 45 fps) and GTX 1080, i5 4670, overclocked 16gb DDR3 (it reached to 55 fps). I am trying to follow their work from ZeroLight company:

The only issue I am facing is the loading time and freeze on VR mode while waiting for the model to be loaded. Is there any way to produce an application where I can load the maps instantly (or even just wait for 15-20 seconds for the map to be loaded with a nice progress loading page) from the start menu?

Note: Mesh is separated into doors parts and one main Body mesh with the interior mesh fused together- All together 7 separate parts.

I would like to know how how to load a map instantly (I have similar problems with my VR game) but I think if one has a lot of demanding assets, it is normal to have loading time.

But if I understand you correctly, you just want to avoid the freezing /motion sickness while it is being loaded?

Then there could be two ways.

  1. Could create a post process actor that is placed at player start, so at the beginning everything is black (then the user does not notice that headset froze → no motion sickness). You could then destroy it after some delay. If you want see an example, check out the Showdown demo by Epic. They start with a black loading screen too.
  2. You create a map that is entirely empty and black, start loading the game.

Yes you are right and I guess it is a common problem when you have heavy maps to load and there is nothing we can do about it unless we have super industrial high specs to load maps instantly :D!

I like idea but I already proposed this to my colleague way before and they didnt like it! Unfortunately but there will be still a waiting time to load assets. Thank you for your tips BreakMaker! I wish you good luck with your game :)? May I ask which Headset are you using to build your games?

Thanks, good luck to you too! :slight_smile: let me know if you managed to get it load instantly!

I am developing for oculus cv1 with touch. You?

Thanks man to you too! Yea the same here :)! I will let you know if I got something. Lots of folks use Vive for some reason and even though both devices have the same resolution and the spec settings :P.

What are you working on?

Let me share you my portfolio video :stuck_out_tongue: You will see in the video that I have done with the bike (1.1 million triangles) already but the loading takes around 50 secs to load :stuck_out_tongue:

Really impressive work!! Did you model the bike and the car yourself or were they from the manufacturers? Was the demo in the car really on Samsung gear VR?

I have been working on a multiplayer VR arcade game for the last 1.5 years. Still need to capture some high - rez footage. Do you know how to send a PM? I would show you my last project from two years ago.

The car was manufactured by someone else but I created few materials for the car. With the bike its more like 50/50 work with some extra help from one the other Artist. The Samsung Gear VR app was a prototype application for a client which supposed to use AWS amazon plugin to stream and render application via cloud services. It didnt work out but it was good learning experience!

Wow I would like to see you multiplayer game :)!

Yea I would love to know how to send the PM but maybe you can use my showreel link and comment underneath it? Then I will remove your comment very quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

I am experimenting with crossing real-life games with virtual games. Here a video to my first “mixed reality” game:

Now I am working on a more “grand” one… :slight_smile:

Wow that looks awesome! :slight_smile: I am really looking forward to try it out! Are you using leap motion?
That reminds me of my old game for Gear VR Patient:39 Trailer - YouTube
I finished working on it after 6 months and I tried to submit to oculus store but they didnt like the game :P. At least it was worth trying ;D!

Really? Who did not like it, Oculus?