Loading Map

My Problem - One of maps does not load properly 1 and 3 will load but 2 will not for some odd reason
Any Suggestions would help, i dont know why it dont load the map it was before i added the third but now the third works but the 2 does not.

Well it loaded the Level but its not loading my character Selected its just going to Default Character (UE4 Mann) so now i got to figure out why it does that

Try using the [OpenLevel][1] node.


Also be sure that you’re removing the loading screen, perhaps that map doesn’t have the command to remove it from the viewport. You can print out the current level name on tick to be sure. To get the level name use the [Get Current Level Name][3] node.

What im not getting is the other two work just fine Sam Player Starts same Blueprints nothing changed and it dont want to load my Selected Character

Make sure that the character you want to get possessed has the Auto Posses Player property set on it to Player 0
Image attached

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