Loading levels from one project into a running game?

I am messing around with an idea I have for a virtual table top (VTT) for TTRPG’s. One idea I had was to allow users to build levels in Unreal Engine and then import those levels into the virtual table top.

A very simple example of the workflow would be something like this

  • Build a level in the Unreal Engine Editor
  • Export said level (to .glb maybe?)
  • Run the VTT game (also built in Unreal)
  • Import the exported .glb (or whatever) into the currently running game

I’m not very familiar with Unreal in general so I have no idea if this is something that is even possible. I did mess around with exporting and then importing glb files into an unbuilt project and it kind of worked, but lighting was normally messed up.

Does anyone have any resources or ideas of something similar to this that could work?