Loading Level (With Loading Screen)

Hi everyone.
I took a look at Swing Ninja to try and figure out how to load the next level and have a loading screen while the level is loading. However, there must be some hidden C++ code because even if I replicate BP_Simple_Game’s Loading part and the other Loading blueprint, it just simply doesn’t work (The level loads but it hangs while it loads and the loading screen doesn’t appear, which is what would happen even if the Blueprint wasn’t there. I tried testing the blueprint to see where it’s misfiring but it seems it doesn’t fire at all).

Am I overlooking something ever so simple? Is there blueprint node that does this trick? Swing Ninja seemed to hold the answers but it’s left me with even more questions.

Bumping for possible help :<

Hi KitatusStudios,

There was a similar thread recently where Hourences details how he handles loading screens within his games and offers some tips on how to achieve some types of functionality within Blueprints.

I hope this helps!