Loading GameplayTags at editor start doesn't work.

I had long time ago created this thread:

But I think it lost it’s usefulness at this point, since most the issues has been resolved except this one.
I still can’t load data table on editor start.

I use this code:

    void UARUnrealEdEngine::Init(IEngineLoop* InEngineLoop)
    	IGameplayTagsModule& GameplayTagsModule = IGameplayTagsModule::Get();
    	FString Tags = "/Game/Blueprints/SampleTags.SampleTags";
    	//UDataTable* justDeleteMe = LoadObject<UDataTable>(NULL, *Tags, NULL, LOAD_None, NULL);
    	//just for test
    	UDataTable* TagTable = LoadObject<UDataTable>(NULL, *Tags, NULL, LOAD_None, NULL);
    	TArray<FString> TagsList;

It’s executed, path to data table is correct, the variable TagTable have proper value assigned.

Also it gets here:


So module seems to be loaded properly.

The problem is when editor starts and I click on any of FGameplayTagContainer, to edit. No tags seem to be loaded.

Did I miss something ?

The work around it, is to reimport tags table. But what if… I can’t reimport because I created data table directly in editor ?