Loading external video to bypass the 2GB limits

i’m trying to build an app to play 360° .mp4 videos OFFLINE but i can’t store more than 2GB into the .obb files.

I don’t want to publishing the app to any store, just on local devices with usb debug enabled, so ther’s ANY way to do that?

Can i make a DLC with the new video file to add?

I need to change and recompile some of the unreal files to gain access to the local phone storage?

Can i download the video from a website and than still have access to it for the playback in the app even when i’m offline?

I’m open to any idea or suggestion.


try whit a 360 pic or try to compress the video before exporting it as much as possible, and in the project settings of a compress before packaging.

If it’s a 3D environment, try static mesh models instead of using videos.

keep in mind if it is for cellular device, you must take into account the capacity because it is less than a computer.

Regarding using a DLC it is possible but you would not know how it is incorporated in unrealengine

What about not using a OBB file at all and select the package everything into the one APK checkbox? Maybe the limit is higher that way?

I need to load from storage because I have a lot of video. The problem is with the engine and the way it needs to store the video in the “movies” folder. I need a proper solution to bypass this issue so I can load any video on the phone regardless of it’s size.
The 2gb limit came from the app itself it’s not limited to the OBB file.

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