Loading data smith for rhino and vray

I am learning Unreal Engine.
I just have finished the video “Your First Hour with UE”, and the video of DATA Smith, in Unreal Engine.
As i am working on rhino 6, and Vray, i wanted to know how to import rhino files, textured with vray.
After few hours, i arrived to download Data Smith for Rhino.
But now, as i think that soon i will have to change my hard drive, i would like to do it again.
The thing is that i don’t remeber how i did.
I know that , in “Edit”, we have to select “plug-in”, and, then, writing “datasmith”, and, choosing to enable:

  • Data Smith Cad Importer
  • Data Smith Content
  • Data Smith FBX Importer
  • Data Smith IFC Importer
  • Data Smith Importer
    And, then, by doulble clicking on the icone of Data Smith in Unreal, we just have to choose the file.
    But, the thing i can’t remember is, i am shure, at a moment, i had to choose for which software i wanted to have Data Smith, then, i chose Rhino.
    And, i can’t remember, how to do again this step?
    Can you please help me? :slight_smile:
    Other question is, i thought that at the moment we chose the plug-in, i would be inside each project of UE, and it seems that i have to download the plug-in for each new project, is it normal?
    I thought that i choose see in my library, at the plug-in section, the plug-in Data Smith that i dowloaded, but i don’t see it, is it normal?
    Thanks so much

Hello, you can find the guidelines here Using Datasmith with Rhino in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation
In a nutshell:

  • you will have to download a dedicated **exporter **to install on your Rhino
  • then from rhino you will export .udatasmith files
  • those can be imported in UE, for that you just need DatasmithContent and Datasmith Importer plugins to be on. Those plugins are installed with your Unreal Engine, they might just not be turned on by default.

The rhino exporter is a once per unreal major version install.
The plugin activation in the project will have to be done each time, unless you create your new project from a template that have them activated by default such as manufacturing or architecture template, or if you copy your own template.


Thanks so much! :slight_smile: