Loading custom mesh from folder directly in-game

Hello guys,

I was searching long for this but it seems that there is very few information abou this topic
Is it possible to let player load 3D model while playing game to game(so its appear in the game)?

And if it is, can you direct me to something that may help me to achieve this?

Sum-up: User start application, User click on load button, User choose which model from his computer want to load (.obj, .fbx, … doesn’t matter at all), User load model from folder, Model appears in Application.

Accepted workaround would be User copy model into specific folder of application, Application load model from predefined path, Model appears in Application

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so nothing ?

Ok i may be wrong but as far as i know.
When assets are imported into the editor/ engine they are converted into something that every platform can understand/ use.
So in order for this to work the assets needs to undergo that import/ convertion process.

The code for this is in the editor modules and can not be a part of your game package.
So I whould take extra care if doing this in order to not violate any Terms of Service / License Agreement.

But i whould start with grabing the source of GitHub and look at how assets are imported into the editor.
And move from there.

Hope it helps.