Loading content from multiple Pak Files

Edit: I’m using engine 4.6.1

I’ve packaged a sample game, and running from one pak works fine.

Next I created additional content (a level and a couple materials) and used unrealPak.exe to package those uassets.

I dropped the created pak into the “Game/Content/Paks” folder and attempted to load the level to no avail.

I’ve tried running the game exe with the flags -pakList="[abs path to pak file]" and -pakDir="[abs path to game/content/paks/]"

I’ve even tried to load the additional content without using a pak file, and just adding the uassets to the Manifest_UFSFiles, and that’s the closest I’ve been to loading the level, but it still says the file didn’t exist in the path specified (when it’s certainly located there). This part concerns me less, because it’s a requirement that the assets be packed, but this is just to show part of the process I’ve gone through as a solution.

This person Was able to mount the pak file at runtime. And made me think I’m missing a critical step of actually mounting the pak. Is there another place I need to specify where to look for these paks?

Any help on this would be appreciated. I’ve yet to come up with a better solution for our workflow in this case, and need to get this moving.

I’ve been trying to gather what I’ve found here: How should we implement in app purchases? - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

How did you stop your new assets getting packaged with the original game?