Loading character stats on respawn ~~ help!

so ive been really confused with the save game variables, i just cant seem to get it down correctly.
so lets assume i have nothing being save or loaded at any times other than event begin play for game settings when your in the menus of the intro to the game.

Everytime my player character dies and respawns in game, all his variables get reset back to defaults, 0’s and 1’s and so on.

My question is;
What would be the most efficient way to have the variables reload on re-spawn? i have a re-spawn function, but im having trouble easily accessing my variables to reload them on the re-spawn.

Any sort of comment or suggestion will be greatly appreciated
even if you have an idea of a direction i should take or a tutorial i should view, i would b so greatful to hear some advice
this really makes or breaks my current project.

Thank you in advance


Hi behrton, you can use the ‘Event Destroyed’ in your character class to save the important variables to your ‘Player Controller’ class or a custom ‘Player State’ class. This way you get to backup the important data just before your character gets destroyed. When you respawn your character again, retrieve these data from the player controller at ‘Event Begin Play’ and populate the corresponding variables in your character class.

Thank you so much for your answer, it really helps a lot. I might even put you in my game ending credits because i could not for the life of me figure this out for some reason haha