Loading assets in runtime with Asset Registry

I had success finding and loading assets in runtime with Asset Registry module, for Materials I used the “Material” class name as input, for static meshes: “StaticMesh”
However… **when I tried to load material instances “MaterialInstance” didnt work, “Texture” for textures wont work too **

What are the classes names that should be used for those cases? THANKS!


I found it, posting this in case someone else need it, for material instances MaterialInstanceConstant
and for textures **Texture2D **:cool:

for knowing the names of class - just right click on the asset, the name after word “open” and before “.h” - it’s class name (Texture2D in this case)](https://answers.unrealengine.com/storage/temp/228132-capture.png)

thanks for taking your time.

Does Anyone Know why this does not work in a standalone game?
Its like my assets do not exist.
It works in simulate or play in editor