Loading animation freeze during open level !

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I have separated 2 lvl and during transition between this 2 lvl there is a loading screen. In order to do that i create a widget which is working great for static image. But when i would like to create animation and insert some sound inside the widget, it`s freezing during loading (open lvl). I really researched about it and only one and complex way to do that is lvl streaming which i dont want to deal with because my levels are separated. Is there is any way to do that loading lvl+animated widget at the same time without widget freeze?

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Any idea guys i do really need that ? Thank you…

Open Level is a synchronous function.
You need to use Level Streaming or any other Asynchronousloading solution

Most game have a fake loading screen when switching maps and a real one when you are actually in the map.

They also hide freezes behind progress bars.

The idea is to use the built in “HUD” reference contained in your Game Mode. This can display HUD during loading. You setup a static image there.

Then when the level has spawned, you replace the static image with a Widget image which can be dynamic. Of course it’s better if both the static and dynamic images are identical (the dynamic image being the first animated “frame” of the static image).

But then you could have other loading times which you can’t hide with the method I just described (like Navmesh rebuilding or Asset loading).

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you need it