Loading and parsing a web based API

Completed a Houdini TOPs PDG tutorial recently that I thought would be a perfect candidate to recreate in UE4.
A summary of what the tutorial explained
1 - Loading an external web based api which returns json.
2 - Parsing the returned json to extract and create image urls.
3 - Loading the images form the urls create in step 2.
and lastly
4 - Projecting these images on geometry.

I need to focus on just the first 3 steps. Using Blueprints how would you
1 load an api,
2 parse the returned json to create urls and
3 load images from these urls?

You need some blueprint function library that supports making web requests and parsing JSON.
I can’t think of one off-hand, so it’s likely you’d have to build your own in C++.
cpp-httplib is a pretty good library you can use for fetching data, as is sajson for parsing.