Loading all maps at once?

Hello there dear community,
I have a bigger problem concerning my game I am developing. Until now I dont have to face it but as soon as all maps are finished and the real coding stuff gets in I will have to face it so I am better prepared…
The thing Im talking about is the problem with multiple levels. I created multiple levels but I want a seamless level streaming which seems almost impossible when I look at the immense amount of Megascans and cutscenes I would need to load. I dont want big loading screens because it`s a very fluent story which would be disturbed by too many loading screens or longer frozen screens, so my question is if there are any ways to load all maps at once in a big loading screen in the beginning so I can just play them one after another?

Greetings and thank you in advance!

You can create the maps as “sub maps” and make one big map that references all of them. I hope you (and your player) have enough RAM if you do that …

A better option is to use scene/level streaming. You’re going to want to read through almost all of these links to make it work:
(That link also has documentation on how to load multiple levels from blueprint or C++, but … I would recommend against it.)