Loading a mesh from file


I’m trying to assign a mesh (concretely /Content/Models/myModel.fbx) to my UStaticMeshComponent…
I have used :

static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder _myModel_asset(TEXT(“StaticMesh’/Content/Models/myModel.fbx’”));

but when i launch my application it says that mesh does not exists.

i changed the extension from .fbx to .uasset but still the same message… and I only have those two files (fbx and uasset)

What do im doing wrong?

I don’t think you need the content part of the path to the asset and if you imported it into unreal it won’t be classed as a fbx it will be uasset so remove the .fbx

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The FBX should live elsewhere, and needs to be imported to the engine.

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thanks i will give a try.