Loading a map with a transitional map

So I have no idea if this is even the right tool for the job, but I’m trying to load a map with a transitional map as the loading screen.

Here’s what I’m currently doing: Menu → Loading Map → Game

My idea was to use a regular Open Level to go from Menu to Loading Map since it’s so small, then Load Stream Level and that way the camera would be able to look around while loading a pretty large map. (I kind of have to do this because it’s on VR.)

So I tried this, but like expected, the Game map loads inside of the Loading Map, and I could just loop through each actor in the game into an array and destroy the array, but that seems kind of stupid.

(Also I’ve had to reask this multiple times because it keeps going into c++ instead of blueprint)

EDIT: I tried my stupid method and it seems to really break the lighting.!