Loading 600x600 terrain based on Geospatial data

I’ve been trying to build a huge terrain (600x600) which I’m sure can be done if I’m using procedural terrain generation tools like world creator but can I actually use geospatial data and still get this kind of size of the terrain? Any hint/tip/link would be a great help.

Just to confirm …

600km x 600km ?

Hope not, doesn’t really make much sense, he can just diminish the scale of objects & slowing down objects giving the impression of a much larger world…

thats what i was going to say to do. reduce the size of everything by like 800% and then the world will seem larger, but, it is only really 16km x 16km.
imagine trying to work with a 600km x 600km world haha. 9,000 squares to populate. even with proc foliage volumes, it would take forever.

I am not even sure @ that size it would even load in.
If it did, even without material, you would be looking at like a -50% reduction in FPS alone. If not more (i assume it would be like a 90% reduction…)

That’s a good point but we tried it. When you are dealing with geospatial data, it’s difficult to fake lot of things. Object reduction doesn’t change the terrain which is measured to be 600x600km. Making it look bigger is ok when we are not using geospatial info. It’s largely for simulation.

I would venture out to say that 600km x 600km you are pretty screwed.
Max unreal size (effective) is like 16km x 16km. Now, if you level stream you maybe able to get away with it. Your going to be looking at chopping that thing into like 100 squares tho and gettign your landscape culling “just right”. Are you guys able to load everything @ the 600x600 size in a single mesh ?

You can use larger spaces than 16x16, but the accuracy of location (and consequently, of everything) will be lost. still, 600x600 I don’t know if it would even load.

Again, everything can be faked, as long as you think it through. Why don’t we make the opposite exercise? Let us know where you feel the “faked” environment wasn’t convincing enough, and perhaps someone can help you disguise it.

I found this thread, its recent and its the same topic. Take a look at it.

its not impossible, very implausible.
I am wondering the performance on a 600km x 600km world